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Essential oils are very concentrated extractions from plants. They are very effective and powerful, so its critical to utilize them sparingly. Young Living Essential Oils are a therapeutic-grade, so you can trust they are the purest, highest-grade essential oil you can find. And that's important if you're utilizing oils while you're pregnant.

Essential oils contain highly-concentrated plant extractions that are ingested into your body. Most of the time, you will want to mix them with a coconut or vegetable oil if using topically, or used in a diffuser for an aromatic treatment. Both methods allow the oils to be diluted so they are not quite as powerful. This is important because once inside your body, essential oils work in the same path as medications or meds except with one important difference:. Since essential oil molecules are so tiny compared to other medications, there is the possibility that they may cross the placenta and enter your developing baby's blood stream. That is why we recommend starting with just a small dose (1 drop) from recommended essential oil list, and watching any reactions from there. 

And before you start any essential oil treatment, consult your doctor and follow their instructions. They will also want to monitor any changes that occur.

There are numerous pregnancy symptoms that essential oils can help with, including spinal pain, nausea or swollen lower legs.

On the off-chance that you need to utilize essential oils, it is best to take the accompanying safety measures:

  • Start with one drop of the key essential oil. Use as much of the carrier (coconut, vegetable, grapeseed or sweet almond) oil as you wish.
  • Only use for a few weeks at a time, and have a doctor monitor you and your baby closely.
  • When using a diffuser, do not leave it on for too long. 1 hour should be plenty of time to achieve benefits. Longer than that can give you adverse effects.
  • In the event that you utilize essential oils as a part of the first trimester, consult a doctor or licensed aromatherapist. It's best to begin utilizing fundamental oils once you are past the first trimester.

Big Reason to choose essential oils: skip the pharmaceutical pills
Big Reason to choose essential oils: skip the pharmaceutical pills

Recommended essential oils okay to use while you're pregnant:

The length of your pregnancy is going great, its fine for you to utilize:

Don't utilize the following essential oils while you are pregnant:

  • Nutmeg, which may have stimulating impacts and respond with agony diminishing medications in the process of childbirth.
  • Rosemary, which is thought to build pulse, and may cause compressions.
  • Basil, which is thought to help strange cell advancement.
  • Jasmine and clary sage, which may trigger withdrawals.
  • Rose, which may cause draining in your uterus (womb).
  • Juniper, which may influence your kidneys.
  • Angelica, thyme, citronella and cinnamon bark ought to additionally be kept away from as they could fortify compressions.

Don't utilize any oils if:

  • you have a history of unsuccessful labor
  • you have had any vaginal draining in this pregnancy
  • you have epilepsy
  • you have heart issues
  • you have diabetes, blood thickening issues, or have thyroid, liver or kidney malady

Again, it's always recommended to talk with your doctor before starting any health treatment, especially medications as powerful as Young Living therapeutic-grade essential oils.

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