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It was 2 years ago and I had recently been exposed to Young Living Essential Oils through a friend. Having a handful of sample bottles, I thought we would use the oils for a few things: using Lavender to help my children sleep, lemon in water, etc.

But then I had something unexpected happen. On a hot summer day, by 6 year-old son was outside enjoying a new sprinkler apparatus that sprayed water all around. Along with summer, hot fun, it also brought the summer wasps, looking for wet mud to build their homes. My son had provided the perfect mixture of water and dirt. 

He came in crying. A wasp had just stung him on the toe. It had immediately become red, and was starting to swell. Being allergic to bee stings, I was worried that it may balloon up as my stings from childhood had, but even more than that, my heart was breaking from knowing the pain he was going through. 

I called my friend, who suggested simply putting some lavender on the sting. We broke out our sample bottles and applied a couple drops directly on the sting. We had heard of the healing properties of essential oils, and we had also heard of the warnings: that is was mere snake oil and a pyramid marketing scheme. As with a lot of people, we were hesitant to become part of the Young Living Essential Oil family because we didn't want to be part of another "magic" healing business.

But my boy knew nothing of those things. He only knew that in a matter of a half a minute, the pain had subsided as well as the swelling. It wasn't magic. It wasn't in his head, as he didn't have any pre-conceived notions of the healing property. For him, it had simply made something bad go away.  

The very next day, we had signed up as independent distributors of Young Living and were sharing the oils from our starter kit. 

We had become part of the family.