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The Bomb - How Essential Oils Won Me Over

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People who know me know I'm a big soccer fan - I love my Real Salt Lake. I have season tickets and I don't miss games, for any reason. But sometimes, when you physically can't go, because you've become sick, you've got to swallow your pride.

Pride will kill you - but I knew I could beat this particular flu. And so, I turned to Young Living essential oils. My mentor, and Young Living "sponsor" was attending the game with me, and he told me about "The Bomb". It was a not-so-well-kept secret that everyone used to push the flu symptoms away, and get you back... into the game.

So I tried it, as I got out of his car, I filled a vegetable cap with a few drops of Oregano, a few drops of Frankincense, and a few drops of Thieves essential oils blend. I was a bit skeptical. Who wouldn't be.

But, as we walked to Rio Tinto stadium, in Sandy Utah, and kept burping the scent of Oregano and Thieves, my body was feeling better. It hadn't been but 20 minutes. It was another testament to the power of Young Living essential oils. Half way through the game, he asked my how I was feeling. Wow, I wasn't even thinking about it. I felt pretty close to "normal". 

By the time the game ended (we had tied, 1-1), I felt I needed another. This flu was powerful stuff, but I had something just as powerful to combat it.

I kept taking "The Bomb" for the next few days, and I finally beat that nasty bout of flu. And I had my mentor, and Young Living to thank for it.

And later that year, RSL were in the MLS finals. I think all of my cheering had something to do with that!